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 Sploork Mod Application

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PostSubject: Sploork Mod Application   Wed Jun 18, 2014 4:33 pm

Your In-game name: Sploork

Your real name: Ryan Houghton

Rust playtime in years/months/days: Not an exact amount of time but over 1 years worth of playtime at least 6-9 hours each day

Have you been banned before on the eGc* servers?: No i have not

What experience you have being a moderator? : i am currently an Admin/Moderator on another server but due to personal circumstances i am now actively looking for a new server to become a Moderator on, i have been a Moderator on several other servers, both retail and cracked versions of rust.

Why you should be accepted : i have experience as a moderator on different servers over the past year and change, i am a mature person and respectful to all whom i come to into contact with, i have a vast well of knowledge pertaining to Rust, how it works, how to help people with their ingame issues, i have assisted in the creation of plugins and i am well versed in the many different types of hacking/cheating programs and can identify them almost immediately, my greatest strengths as a moderator is banning hackers, usually i will ban on sight depending on the circumstances but am i also quit forgiving and will let people slide depending on the circumstances, although this is very rare since the use of hacks is 90% of the time for malicious reasons, i beleive i can be a great asset to your moderator team, i currently live in the AEST timezone ( Australia ) and can be on at anytime, and most of the time actively watching over players and helping however best i can, if you chose me as a moderator i believe you will be extremely pleased with how i will perform and you will notice a significant improvement in your players mood and that is what matters most of all, how the players feel when they play on your server, they will feel safer knowing that i am actively banning hackers and helping players in a whole and individually as well, i am also a great event organizer, ( Arenas, Bounty, Airdrops, Team Raids (Against my buildings ) and Treasure Hunts ) so i hope you seriously consider my application,
Best Regards Sploork.
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PostSubject: Re: Sploork Mod Application   Thu Jun 19, 2014 12:30 am

Welcome on board. APPROVED Pm in skype
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Sploork Mod Application
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