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 VAC BAN from Admin

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PostSubject: VAC BAN from Admin   Sat Jun 21, 2014 8:52 am

Your ingame name and player ID? : Kolipo (I don't know where i find ID)

Who banned you? : Sploork

he banned you for? : VAC BAN and he told me that i am Hacker.

why the ban is unfair for you? : I have got BAN from this Admin. He think that i am hacker. But why ? I was go to find some loot in Rad town. I went through forest, when i saw light from house. I went so closer when i heard that doors opening. Two players attack me. I crouched. When was be night, the don't saw me. I killed them from  15 metres about. Then i pick some loot and went to their house, because they don't close door. In house i saw next player. He was writing at the moment so i can thoroughly aim and i shot him to head. I pick some loot and then i want to go home, but Admin Sploork was their Friend so he kill me.. told me that i am hacker and gave me ban. I am not hacker. I like Fair-Play game. And i like this game and this server. I have a lot of things and house and new friends. Yesterday, someone shot player from 150 metres with 9mm. I told that i hate hackers. And today i have got ban for hacking. Thanks for solving.
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PostSubject: Re: VAC BAN from Admin   Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:27 am

i got more than enough complaints to garner a ban, but i will unban you this time, if people complain i will investigate again. BAN APPEAL: APPROVED
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VAC BAN from Admin
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